Thermal - Lamar 2/16/96 Progress Report

From: Mark A. Magee

Power Subsystem:

Mark A. Magee

Thermal Control Team
Mark A. Magee
Yachtze Luchin

Up to date, the team is on track with our projected progress.

Mark A. Magee
Research has been done on regenerative fuel cells and electrolyzers. Communication has also been established with the Lamar Power team as well as their contact from NASA, Michael Le.

Yachtze L. Luchin
Research has began into both the propulsion and structure of the spacecraft. In specific, more information is on the way from Rebecca Martin (U.T. Integration) about Aerogel. This will be studied to determine the feasibility and workability of the substance as a thermal coating.

Next Week:
Work will soon begin on determining an estimation for the amount of waste heat that is produced from the fuel cell system. Also,since the propulsion team took a trip to NASA recently, more information will be obtained from their discussions.

Mass: 45 kg
Power: 45 W