Final Paper Guidelines:

Title page:

This a reader's first impression of your report. The title page should look cleanly typed, but not gaudy. Avoid using boarders or fancy fonts. The goal of this report is to look professional. Start with a sharp looking title page. Please include:

Table of contents:

The table should list every section heading and subheading and the page number on which they appeal. Tables, charts, figure and graphs should be listed separately at the end. Sections and subsections should also be numbered using the decimal number system (see example page).


The abstract is an informative, concise statement about the work performed, its objectives and scope, and the major conclusions reached. It may be helpful to write this part after you have finished writing the paper. It should be between 400-750 words in length.

Paper Outline: 25-50 pages


The Appendix should contain sample calculations, tables of data, mathematical derivations or computer printouts. Any other detailed information that does not fit within the guidelines of the report may be included here. It is not uncommon for the Appendix to be as long as the report. Please include all of your work from the entire semester.
The Appendix should also include group member biographies. Each biography should include the member's high school background, college and future plans as well as 1-2 hobbies/outside interests. Please limit each biography to one paragraph only.


Please list all references alphabetically. Books, papers, brochures, reports, conference notes, personal interviews and web sites must be documented. Please provide references for illustrations and photos if they are not original work. Use MLA Style when referencing (see attached handout). Direct quotes and paraphrases should be cited in the report (see attached handout).



Last Modified: Tue July 21, 1998