Advanced Design Project

TSGC Advanced Spacecraft Design Project Description

The Texas Space Grant Consortium is sponsoring a space related multi-university, multi-disciplinary, student design project during, in which students from various TSGC institutions may participate. The goal of this project is to provide students from each participating TSGC institution with a meaningful and exciting design experience. The program involves universities with extensive design programs and vast experiences in spacecraft design to universities with no prior experience in spacecraft.

During the academic year, TSGC provides each participating institution with $2,500 to assist in the design process. Additional funding will be provided as required to fund the travel of a design team representative to two design presentations.

Each year, approximately fifty undergraduate students participate in the program. These students form into design teams with a student leader and a local faculty advisor. Each team works on related design projects. This necessitates and provides opportunities to cooperate. Each student team is expected to send one or more representatives to end-of-the-semester design meetings to present their work to the other attendees and to representatives of NASA and industry.

If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact the Project Coordinator, Michelle Matanic.
Last Modified: August 17, 2001