DC to DC Converter Evaluation
Description: Level 1 Requirements:
  • Use existing or projected Commercial Launch Vehicles (Assume 40 tonnes maximum to LEO)
  • Keep funding less than 1/3 of total NASA budget
  • Total project length less than ten years
  • Use NASA DRM 3 as point of departure
  • Use UT student project Spring 2001 results
  • Assume international participation
  • References:
    • Mandell: "Mars Surface Rendezvous Architecture"
    • Hoffman, S., "Mars Surface Reference Mission"
Candidate Tasks:
  • Design a Mars surface operations assembly sequence and logic
  • Design each launch package (provide higher fidelity definition)
  • Define Requirements for and Design Mars Surface Operations devices:
  • Robotic handling and assembly
  • Utility Deployment Devices (Trenchers, Deployment Robots, etc.)
  • Utility Modules (Power, Water, Thermal Mgt, Waste Mgt, etc.)
  • Human transport
  • Etc.
  • Provide coordinated development schedules and costs for major elements (mandatory for any project chosen)
  • Develop a mockup (virtual or actual) of the initial Mars base
Contact: Hum Mandell - NASA/JSC
If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact the Project Coordinator, Michelle Matanic.
Last Modified: August 17, 2001