Surface Mobility
  • Develop conceptual designs for lunar, Mars rovers.
  • Spacecraft Conceptual Design
  • Cost, Schedule, and Risk Analysis
  • Utilize extensive Rover literature, and synthesize former design studies.
Contact: Kevin Watson - NASA/JSC
281 483 0971
Comments: I'd like to propose establishing an ongoing effort in the area of planetary surface mobility. This would continue year-to-year with student groups working on various aspects of the problem. They could take a fresh approach to an issue, could build on the work of previous teams, or could integrate their work with that of others. Topics could include a whole rover (pressurized, unpressurized) or focus on design of one of the systems required for rovers (structure/suspension, wheels, power, comm, onboard nav, nav infrastructure, control, crew interfaces, safe haven, etc.), or consider an overall mobility infrastructure (integration with habitats, crew activities, ISRU capabilities, etc.). Having multiple teams readdress the same issue over time is positivie too - different perspectives.

This would give us a body of work (some better than other) that could be used to support mobility contributions to architecture development, the development of future NRA's or in trying to gain funding for more in-depth efforts. It also would create an on-going "entity" in the area of planetary mobility with which we would be associated and could influence.

If you think this is a worthy concept, I'd be happy to work with potentially interested parties to pull together a draft "SOW".

If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact the Project Coordinator, Michelle Matanic.
Last Modified: August 17, 2001