Advanced Design Project

Progress Reports

Progress Report for Nov 5th - 9th 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

This week we determined the equivalent wind speeds.  We also spend the week searching for materials for all of the designs.  Preliminary word began on designing a device to test the materials in temperatures equivalent to the Martian environment. 

Thrust Measurement Group:

This week we started to gather final information on the device. In doing so we have found the need to make small changes in our design to better accommodate the test chamber in which the device will be used. We have also made contact with some companies to inquire about materials to be used in construction.

Surface Mobility Group:

Our lunar Mars rover group met Monday and Wednesday to continue the power source designs.  The group is leaning towards nuclear and battery power.  We have concluded that a hydrogen fuel cell will take up to much space when storing the hydrogen and oxygen.  We also concluded that solar power will not generate enough power for the rover.  We are still considering it as a secondary or backup power source.  As for the two power sources under consideration, we are still researching them.  Nuclear will be large and bulky, but will give us large amounts of energy for very long periods of time.  We are still looking for an adequate turbine for the system.  The batteries will also be bulky and heavy, but will be cheaper.  We are not sure if they will produce the power we need for prolonged missions.

University of Houston Downtown

We continued work in the positioning system. The robot will change power in the manipulator in function of its position. Complete program to relate position and strength will be developed by the end of the semester. Additional work was done to improve the reliability of the mechanical systems. 

Texas Christian University

The TCU team had another telecon with their NASA mentors and set up two more, as well as a schedule for the rest of the semester.

Prairie View A&M University

Detemine the drag force of the canister on Mars.  Working on the final design shape.


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