Advanced Design Project

Progress Reports

Progress Report for Nov 12th - 16th 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

The tumbleweed team has been looking for materials that are suitable to the Martian climate.  We have also begun preparing for the design review in two weeks.

Thrust Measurement Group:

This week we discussed our final design and started gathering quotes on the materials to be used. We are trying to use stock (off the shelf) components, but we may have to have some components machined.

Surface Mobility Group:

The Mars Surface Mobility team is investigating the use of NREL's Advisor software to project the amount of electrical power needed for the rover.  We are currently learning to use this free software before deciding if it will aide us in this project.  Research continues into alternative power systems.

University of Houston Downtown

This week was dedicated to debugging and testing of the programs. The robot is now able to change the power of the arm in function of its position in the field. The development of the program seems to be on schedule for the final presentation. We plan to be at the Final Design review on the 29.

Texas Christian University

The TCU team narrowed the focus of its tether project and is preparing for the Design Review and next week's telecon with its NASA mentors.

Prairie View A&M University


Last Modified: Nov 26, 2001