Advanced Design Project

Progress Reports

Progress Report for Oct 8th - 12th 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

Each group member created a full-scale model. Tests were done on each model to determine which one worked. Further testing and model modification is currently being done. A search has been started to find materials and sensors that could possibly be used.

Thrust Measurement Group:

The team met on Mon 8 Oct 01 and Wed 10 Oct 01. We came up with some preliminary designs after which we discovered some more information was needed. We contacted the two people who are in charge of the project; Donald Chavers and Dr Squires, to receive more information on the project to better facilitate the parameters of construction. Mr. Chavers contacted us by e-mail and provided us with information to move ahead with our design. We will meet with Dr. Barhorst later today to go over our latest ideas.

Surface Mobility Group:

Our lunar Mars rover group met monday and wednesday to brainstorm on some preliminary designs.  We are currently discussing power source options for the rover.  We feel this is very important aspect in the chassis design.  The group is leaning towards nuclear and hydrogen power.  We have also discussed gas and electric power sources.  We are also currently discussing the chassis design.  A truck style and train style chassis have been the main focus.  We are also exploring the Mars environment so we be design for optimal performance.

University of Houston Downtown

We decided that our robotic arm project should be one where the robotic system detects its position and adjust its behavior according to the distance to the target. Students worked on the arm to get the mechanics and electronics operational.

We want to get the name of somebody at the Johnson Space center that can give us information about the NASA robotic arms.

Texas Christian University

The TCU team is currently examining applications of tether technology

towards a manned Mars mission.  We are preparing for a telecon with our JSC

mentors to be held on July 24th.

Prairie View A&M University

We are working on developing the shell of the Mars canister.
At the moment we are researching on different type of materials that will be appropriate in developing the shell, and brainstorming on different shapes of designs.
We are still not sure of the exactly part that NASA want us to design and for that we are still trying to communicate with our NASA coordinator to specify the part.


Last Modified: Nov 6, 2001