Advanced Design Project

Progress Reports

Progress Report for Oct 15th - 19th 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

Further modification of the prototypes has been completed and more testing is being planned.  Research on possible materials and sensors to be used will continue.  The proposal will be completed by Kevin Kerr.  A clear description of what is expected by the end of the semester will be discussed in the meeting and cost and time estimates will be obtained for each process of the design.  Plans have been made to photograph the prototypes in the process of deployment; this should be completed next week.

Thrust Measurement Group:

We received information from Greg Chavers concerning some of the basic parameters around the engine.  The group met to discuss several options for moving the sensor inside the ion field.  We met on Wednesday, October 17 with Dr. Barhorst in order to discuss these options and are in the process of looking up a number of mechanisms that might work in this application.

Surface Mobility Group:

University of Houston Downtown

Work was performed in the mechanical aspects of the arm. The goal is to have a robust system free of mechanical bugs. Other members of the team worked in the design of the mechanism to position the base of the arm in relation to the target.

The Faculty Advisor lectured on the history of robotic arms.

Texas Christian University

The TCU team spent this week presenting results of research into different tether technologies and are currently working on our midterm report.

We will be having our first teleconference with our JSC mentors next week on Wednesday, October 24th.

Prairie View A&M University

Working on the designs.
Checking pressure differences in different shapes given the same volume, wall thickness and stress.


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