Advanced Design Project

Progress Reports

Progress Report for Oct 22nd - 26th 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

Contacted industrial representatives about possible material selection. The rough draft of the design proposal was completed. Work has begun on the oral presentation for the class assignment. Another possible prototype design has been produced.

Thrust Measurement Group:

This week we had to change our design after having a telephone conversation with Dr Squire And Mr. Chavers at JSC. During that teleconference call we asked many questions about the test chamber in which the plasma engine is located. The call lasted about one hour during which, we were joined by our advisor Dr. Alan Barhorst, and asked many question about the environment of the tests. Dr Squire and Mr. Chavers were most helpful in answering our many questions and we presented them with a rough sketch of our design. We soon discovered that the design would not work with the tests that were planned. We have since reverted to our original design and, are currently drawing up a proposal and budget for the design.

Surface Mobility Group:

During the week the group met on Monday the 22nd and on Wednesday the 24th. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the option of fuel cells, battery packs and nuclear power for possible power sources. During these meetings the group made the assumptions that a fuel cell will be too bulky and heavy to use. Nuclear power is also believed not to be a reasonable solution. The group members are going to explore the use of lithium ion batteries as the primary power source. The group will also look into the use of abundant resources on Mars to help recharge the batteries (ie. wind, thermal ionic, solar).

University of Houston Downtown

Advisor lectured on robotic theory and applications including the extensive use of robots in the offshore installations in the Gulf. Had presentation by a graduate from the program that was a diver and now works in design and operation of SOV.

Texas Christian University

We had our first teleconference with our NASA mentors this past Wednesday.  Our main action item is to have a brainstorming session to generate ideas bsed on our teleconference.  We will then sift throught these next week and prepare for our 2nd teleconference which will take place November 7th.  We are also preparing our mid-semester report.

Prairie View A&M University

The pressure on each design shape (A cylinder and a sphere) has been figured out.
The design of the canister has been decided. It will be of either a cylindrical or a spherical shape. The material to be used on the construction of the design has been decided upon. Beryllium copper has more advantages than the other metals that we compared it with.and it has been used in construction of aerospace and military vehicles.

This week, more research on the dimensions of the canister.


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