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Progress Reports

Progress Report for Oct 29th - Nov 2nd 2001

Texas Tech University:

Tumbleweed Group:

This week the proposal was finished and the oral presentation was completed in class. The mid-term report was then drafted and sent to Dr. Barhorst.

Thrust Measurement Group:

This week we presented our proposal for the positioning device. Because of the new information we received last week we redesigned our device. We are now gathering information on the materials and we plan to use for construction.

Surface Mobility Group:

Through out the week the group spent the majority of the time preparing for the presentation. The group will meet at the start of next week and branch off into four sections. Group members will begin to look into their assigned component of the mars rover. These components will include the habitat, structural material, suspension, and power supply system.

University of Houston Downtown

Canyon Offshore a company producing submersible robotic vehicles for the offshore production and exploration gave us an extensive presentation related to vehicles and manipulators. Through this presentation we have learned that the application of robots in offshore exploration and production is very intensive and concluded that we need to have more emphasis in the courses offered in the department in this field. All our courses are specifically tailor to the needs of the Houston area.

The mechanical aspects of our robot are 80 percent completed. Program development including position of the robot related to the target is the next step.

Texas Christian University

The TCU held three brainstroming sessions based on our October 24 telecon with our JSC mentors.  A master schedule was created for the remainder of the Fall, 2001 semester.  Our next telecon with JSC will be held on November 7th.

Prairie View A&M University

We discovered some properties of beryllium copper and compared them over other metals.
Mars properties were also researched.
We presented our progress to the class.


Midterm Report

Mars Sample Return Mission - Prairie View A&M University
Logic of Microspace Summary - Texas Christian University
Mars Surface Mobility - Texas Tech University
Thrust - Texas Tech University
Mars Tumbleweeds - Texas Tech University


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