TOPEX/Poseidon Buoy "Float-Off" Photo Gallery

Our lauch site "Butler's on the Bay"Seabrook Intermediate School Students
display their buoy

Tremble antenna used as our secondary
base station
Turbo-rogue antenna used as our primary
base station

CCAR's Dan Kubitschek retrieves data
from the Tremble reciever with the help of
Boulder High School student.
CSR's Gerard Kruizinga goes over the
details with students from Friendswood
High School.

Pearland High School Students prepare thier
buoy for launch
A successful launch of Pearland's Buoy

Friendswood High School Students display
their buoy. Definately Original!
CSR's Gerard Kruizinga prepares the buoy's
for the overflight

Close-up View of Tremble antenna inside
the buoy
CSR's Amy Neuenschwander prepares the
buoys before launch

Time to deploy the buoy for a "dry"-runTest launch of buoy off of the Pier

CSR's Gerard Kruizinga and CCAR's Dan
Kubitschek catching a free moment as the
traveled out under the groundtrack
Buoys collecting data as they are launched.
We remained at one position for approximately 20 minutes.


Last Modified: Wed, Aug 12, 1997