TOPEX Outreach
Topex/Poseidon Educational Outreach Teachers Program at Sul Ross University

"This is a good way to inform teachers what is going on in science and particularly space exploration"

"There are many more programs/resources available to teachers"

"I was surprised how much fun science can be"

"I now want to look and find more information on the Texas Space Grant Consortium so that I can better use it to help my stud ents learn what is going on out there in the big dark sky."

"I now feel more comfortable teaching student s about the ocean and it's cycles after seeing this presentation"

"I was surprised to find there are so many w orkshops for teachers that no one knows about for science and math"

"This was a fun, student involvement way of learning "

"The lecture was very interesting and very ed ucational. There is so much we don't know, SCARY !!!!!!"


Last Modified: Fri, Oct 15, 1998