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Image of the Moon
The Moon Landing Hoax - Did we actually send humans to the Moon?

The Earth may only have one Moon, but it's a big one! The Earth's Moon is the fifth largest in the whole solar system. But it is still smaller than the Earth, so objects weigh less on the Moon than they do here. That's why the astronauts could enjoy bouncing around on the lunar surface.

Even though the Moon has no liquid water, it does have special "seas" and "land" on its surface. There are also many interesting features such as craters, mountain ranges, and lava plains. The interior of the Moon is made up of different layers of rock, some solid and some molten like lava. By studying the Moon's surface and interior, geologists can learn about the Moon's geological history and its formation.

The footprints left behind by the Apollo astronauts will last for many thousands of years because there is no wind on the Moon. The Moon has no atmosphere, so there is no weather to erase the footprints. On the Earth, the atmosphere acts as a blanket, keeping the warmth of the Sun in even at night. Because there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the temperatures there are very hot during the day (100°C) and very cold at night (-173°C).

The Moon doesn't produce its own light, but looks bright because it reflects light from the Sun. Think of the Sun as a light bulb, and the Moon as a mirror, reflecting light from the light bulb. The lunar phase changes as the Moon orbits the Earth and different portions of its surface are illuminated by the Sun.

Discovery Zone Did You Know? Did you know that the first spacecraft to reach the Moon was in 1959?

Did you know that we have only sent 71 spacecraft to the Moon? And only two of those have been in the last 20 years?

Did you know that only 12 people have ever set foot on the Moon?

What would it be like if you went to the Moon?

How much would you weigh if you were on the Moon?

These are some of the fascinating things that you can learn from these pages.

If there is anything else you would like to know about the Moon ask a scientist.

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