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The SA BEST competition is a contest held annually to Boost Engineering, Science and Technology. Local area high schools can enter teams of students to design and build a romote controlled machine to accomplish a certain task. The students are given a parts kits that has everything needed to build the robot and 6 weeks to actually design and build it. The task of the robot is kept top secret until Kickoff day, where all the schools are told what the robot is required to do.

This contest was designed to inspire and interest students in the field of science and engineering. Mentors from professional companies are provided to work with the students of each school. On competition day, all schools will compete head-on with each other in a double elimination contest. More than $36,000 in scholarships and an invitiation to compete in the state-wide Texas BEST competition await the top finishers. The top teams advancing to the Texas Best competition will then compete with the best of the robots from other areas.


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