Components of Mir Space Station
Kvant Module

Image of Kvant Module

Berthed at the core module's aft axial port in 1987, the module weighs 11 tons and carries telescopes and equipment for attitude control and life support.

Module Mass
Max. Diameter
Pressurized Volume
(Cubic Meters)
No. of Solar Arrays/Area
(Square Meters)
Power Output
Kvant 1 11,050 5.8 4.15 40 1 6 KW Astronomy, some control & life support, Progress & Soyuz docking

Kvant was added to the Mir core's aft port in 1987. This small, 11-ton module contains astrophysics instruments, life support and attitude control equipment.

The purpose of the Kvant-1 module is to provide data and observations for research into the physics of active galaxies, quasars, and neutron stars. This data is gathered with devices which measure electromagnetic spectra and x-ray emissions. The Kvant-1 also supports biotechnology experiments in the areas of antiviral preparations and fractions.

The Kvant-1 module is divided into a pressurized laboratory compartment and a nonpressurized equipment compartment. The laboratory compartment is further divided into an instrumentation area and a living area, which are separated by an interior partition. A pressurized transfer chamber connects the Passive Docking Unit with the laboratory chamber. The nonpressurized equipment compartment contains power stabilizers.

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