Components of Mir Space Station
Kvant-2 Module

Image of Kvant-2 Module

Berthed at a radial port since 1989, the module weighs 19.6 tons and carries an EVA airlock, two solar arrays, and science and life support equipment.

Module Mass
Max. Diameter
Pressurized Volume
(Cubic Meters)
No. of Solar Arrays/Area
(Square Meters)
Power Output
Kvant 2 18,500 13.73 4.35 61.3 2/53 6.9 Remote sensing, life support, EVA airlock

Kvant 2, added in 1989, carries an EVA airlock, solar arrays, and life support equipment. The 19.6-ton module is based on the transport logistics spacecraft originally intended for the Almaz military space station program of the early 1970s.

The purpose of Kvant-2 is to provide biological research data, Earth observation data, and EVA capability. It adds additional system capability to Mir. Kvant-2 includes additional life support system, drinking water, and oxygen provisions, motion control systems, and power distribution, as well as shower and washing facilities.

Kvant-2 is divided into three pressurized compartments: instrumentation/cargo, science instrument, and airlock.

The airlock not only provides EVA capability, but also contains a self-sustained cosmonaut maneuvering unit that increases the range and complexity of tasks that can be attempted via EVA. For instance, various construction materials and electronic components can be placed on the outside of the Mir Complex modules via EVA. The effects of space environment exposure on these construction materials can later be investigated.

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