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Parallel with the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the Texas Regional Change Research and Applications Program (TRCP) is an integrated program to maximize the benefits of remote sensing science and applications for the State of Texas. The mission is to develop an understanding of the regional environment and the effects of natural and man-made changes on a regional level.

Texas Regional Change Research and Applications Program (TRCP) is committed to conducting the accompanying research required to analyze, verify, interpret, and understand the implications of remotely sensed data in environmental change for the State of Texas. In many cases, this means making the correlative in situ measurements required for a complete understanding of the subject phenomenon.

(TRCP) is a consortium between academia, industry, and Federal, State, and Local government striving to collectively develop data and information management systems, archive and distribute regional data sets, and develop research and analysis programs to convert data into new knowledge of the regional environment.


The TRCP is managed by the Texas Space Grant Consortium (TSGC), who in itself is a consortia between universities, government, and industrial partners. TSGC will serve as a linking point between various institutions and agencies.

Goals of TRCP

Areas of Interest

Three key areas of interest have been targeted as the focus of the TRCP.

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